Our Rookie Debut


Today is the rookie debut of ProSportsWest.com. If all goes well, it is a day that will go down in the record books as the monumental beginning of a Hall of Fame career (If it doesn’t go well it might be more like the infamous debut of Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell, but let’s hope not). So, welcome. Welcome to your new home for all things AFC and NFC West. Continue reading

Richard Sherman- An Honest Perspective

Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, had America on the edge of their couches after the Seahawks beat the 49ers in the NFC championship game. Funny thing is most of America didn’t know who Sherman was one week ago.

Sherman made a game winning pass deflection and was interviewed by Fox reporter Erin Andrews shortly after the game. He said, “I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you going to get.” Notice how the worst word he used was “sorry.”

                It is interesting how Americans are attacking Sherman for being a “thug” or a self indulged lunatic. At the end of his interview he said LOB which stands for Legion of Boom. The Legion of Boom is a group of defensive backs for the Seattle Seahawks. He took the time to recognize his teammates but most people don’t seem to notice that.

                Muhammad Ali, known as the greatest boxer of all time, often drew attention to him and called himself the greatest. For some reason people adore him while hating Sherman for doing the exact same thing. When an athlete rises to the top of their profession they have the right acknowledge that and be proud of their work.

                Aldon Smith of the 49ers was arrested multiple times during the NFL season for DUI’s among other things. However fans seem to believe that Sherman is a horrible example to their children while ignoring players like Smith all together. Suh of the Lions stomps on a player’s bare arm and the media talks about it for a day or so then moves on to other topics.

                Sherman has a degree from Stanford and was a straight-A student in high school. He came out of Compton California. He is well educated and is taking so much heat for a few passionate comments. If my children are as educated and talented as Sherman I will be very proud.

                I have never heard Sherman use a swear word or do anything to physically harm anyone. The fact that people are tweeting racist things at him is disgusting. In moments like these you realize how ignorant some people are and how quick Americans judge people.

                Sherman often spends his time reviewing game tape and learning tendencies of other players. He made the game winning play in the biggest game of his life because of his hard work and dedication. I admire his honesty and passion in his interviews. Most players use clichés and never really say anything of consequence.

                As a man Sherman is doing everything he can to help his team and his community. Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the game and he is not ashamed of that. He is a confident arrogant man as so many professional athletes are.

                He will continue to be attacked by fans and surrounded by the media as the Super Bowl approaches. Look how he conducts himself a week from today in New York during media day. Sherman is smart and will continue to use his words to promote himself and his team. He is a scholar, an athlete, and a role model if you ask me. 

The Percy Harvin Effect

On Sunday the Seahawks exploded for 41 points against the Vikings. This was the first game Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin played all season. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Harvin adds a dynamic piece to the Seahawks offense. While he only had one catch against the Vikings on Sunday, it was a spectacular one. Harvin has the chance to score a touchdown on any given play. He’s that explosive. Continue reading

Chargers take their talents to South Beach

The Chargers are pulling a LeBron and taking their talents to South Beach to face the ever growing TMZ story known as the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon. Heading into this one, both teams are sitting at 4-5 with hopes of contending for the last Wild Card spot in the AFC. I see this game as absolutely pivotal.  Hate to call it a must-win, but I see the loser waving goodbye to playoff dreams and becoming a non-factor down the stretch. Continue reading

Chiefs vs. Bills Recap

Being sick I didn’t wake up till the second quarter had just started for the Chiefs vs. Bills game on Sunday. Both teams looked really pedestrian and ugly. When the Chiefs went into the half down 10-3 I thought to myself, if Kansas City is going to win this one they are going to have to rely on their defense rather than Alex Smith. My mid-game musings turned prophetic in the second half. The Chiefs defense, who struggled against the run all game, ended up getting two touchdowns that gave them a lead. Ryan Succop added a brace of field goals to make sure that the Bills wouldn’t catch them. Continue reading

Chargers find yet another new way to lose

Please be warned, this is mostly going to be the ranting and raving of a diehard Chargers fan. I just can’t resist. Of all the amazing ways I’ve witnessed the Bolts lose a game over the last few years this may have been the most distressful.  I had yet to see the Chargers select the “allow your power runner to be a spectator when you have first and goal inside the one and can end the game with a touchdown” way to lose. Continue reading

Chargers at the Bye

The overarching theme of the San Diego Chargers thus far has got to be the successful change of regime in the front office and multitude of new faces on the field. First year GM Tom Telesco and rookie Head Coach Mike McCoy have simply worked wonders with a team that appeared to be in full on rebuild mode when they arrived. After one draft, a number of free agent signings and a 4-3 start, expectations have changed from “just rebuild” to “compete now.” Continue reading